Babyz Slider-brain "debug" keys

For people who are having problems with babyz who keep getting sick or unhappy, why not enable the hidden "sliders" in the game? This will work (and it's what I do).

Open Notepad. Then click on the link below, and then select and copy the stuff that's on the next page.

For Babyz

Copy it into Notepad and save it as "baby.reg" -- the .reg extension is important -- and then double-click on it.
Next time you start up the game and your babyz come out, you will have a slider-panel for each baby. On that slider-panel you will see "Sickness" etc, and all of these sliders can be moved up or down as much as you like. As always, of course, make sure that you have safe copies of your babyz elsewhere because, although I've never known this to corrupt a baby, it's important always, always, always to have backup copies of your babyz and petz safe away from the games as corruptions can occur at any time.

If you cannot get the .reg file to work, you can enter it manually. Click the Start button on your computer's screen and choose Run. Type in Regedit.exe. When the simple windows-explorer-type window pops up, navigate on the left-hand pane by clicking on the little crosses. Navigate in this way to
My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PF.Magic\Babyz\1.00.00
and place your cursor on the 1.00.00. You should see loads of stuff in the right-hand pane. Don't panic. Right-click on the 1.00.00 and choose New, then Binary Value. In the right-hand pane you will see

New Value #1 (zero-length binary value)

Now rename

New Value #1


Show Slider Brain

Double-click on Show Slider Brain and a little editor will pop up. Type in 01 and press "OK". Close the Registry Editor and open the game (you may want to reboot the machine first to make sure). The sliders should appear.

If you want to turn the slider-panel off at any time, replace the line in your little .reg file

"Show Slider Brain"=hex:01


"Show Slider Brain"=hex:00

or, if you're doing it manually in Regedit, change that 01 to 00 in the little pop-up editor.


Carolyn Horn