Fix to free mothers from the Nursery
This will enable your mother catz or dogz to give birth in any playscene and to travel with their babies to any other playscene. It enables the father dogz and catz to come out and join in the fun with their families also.

The only quirk to note with this fix is that, when the babies are ready to come out on their own, they will not actually become selectable until you either go to another playscene or you close the game and re-open it. I have had absolutely no weird effects at all with this fix, but on some machines I suppose it's possible that strange things may happen. So to avoid grief, make sure that you always make safe backup copies of your pregnant mums, and then of the mums with their new babies -- but of course I always recommend that you do that anyway, the game can corrupt pets even when you don't touch a thing.

First of all, make a backup copy of your Petz 5.exe file and put it somewhere safe. This fix is incredibly simple, but things can go wrong, and you don't want anything to go wrong with your precious exe file!

Now open your Petz 5.exe file into a hex editor. It does have to be a hex editor, I don't think that the newly-popular ResHacker can go this deep.

Search for Nursery and make sure that the whole word is selected, as you see here

Now you need to replace all the letters that are in the word Nursery with null bytes, which are simply hexadecimal 00. You can see what I mean in this next picture, where the letters have all been replaced.

Now save, of course, and open the game. You will now be able to let your mothers have their babies wherever they wish, just as with Petz 3 and Petz 4 games -- with the added bonus that you can have whole litters running around.

Happy free families!

Carolyn Horn

P.S. Note: if you get the multiple-cloned-babes effect, go to the Nursery, put mum away and then go back to another scene. The "clones" will disappear. Or you can close the game and re-open it; they will have gone then too. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you're not being bothered by it and you need do nothing :-)

P.P.S. for people who run screaming at the thought of a hex editor, you can get a similar effect by removing your Nursery.env file from the Game's Area directory. You won't then be able to take the whole family into the nursery at all, but your moms won't get stuck in there until their babies separate.