LNZPro 2 tips

Go here for lots more info on using LNZPro -- I have a 3 pages of detailed stuff on converting your petz to breedz and making breedz show up separately etc. Go here for info on making Petz playscenes show up separately.

Babyz hexers, please note that this is a great alternative to Resource Hacker, and you may find it more reliable. Go here for extra Babyz LNZPro tips, and here for info on editing .baby files with LNZPro! Go here for info on making babyz scenes work so that Babyza will let you use them.

This program is easy to use. If you click on the crosses beside the LNZ or TXT sections and then on their sub-sections until you get to the one you want to edit, click on its name and you can then edit that LNZ or TXT file and Save. I think people have mostly figured that out. Editing the .LNZ file is as easy as doing it in Notepad, with the added bonus that LNZPro gives you error-correction etc. The other sections apparently are a bit more difficult for people to understand, so here goes:

Q1. How can I change the ID number for my breed in LNZPro 2?
A1. You need to click on the cross beside RCData, then 1003, then finally on the ID number to highlight it. The number is shown in Decimal numbers and also in hexadecimal numbers that hexers are used to and that you'll see in most tutorials. You can edit either direct. Then Save of course.
changing the ID number

Q2. How can I change the name?
A2. You need to click on the cross beside String List, then 63, then on the name to highlight it. You can edit it direct. Then Save.
changing the name

Q3. How can I change the Adoption Centre bitmap?
A3. You need to click on BMP, if there is more than one bitmap in the file, or the cross beside BMP and then on the name of the bitmap you wish to change. Now pull down the Edit menu and choose Replace from file. Use the dialogue box that pops up in the usual way. Save.
changing the bitmap
You can change the SCP file, using the same method of clicking on it and choosing Replace from file, for another one which has been "Save to file" from another breedfile. Use caution with scp-swapping; the game can crash if you try to cross the species gap, in other words if you swap species scp files between most .dog and .cat breedz. But between same species -- .cat to .cat and .dog to .dog -- scp-swapping works well.