When you have breedz of same name, different ID

Note that you will not be able to breed a pet from a breedfile with one adopted from a same-name breedfile which has a different ID number unless you do a clever trick to fool Windows. This problem arose some time ago when Nicky of Petzfriends went and made some "conversions" of my breedz, just putting different ID numbers in them, and then made available at her site. This caused some chaos in the community! So this was a solution which helped people who wanted to inter-breed pets adopted from those files and from my proper originals. For instance, take the Monkey. If you want to have a pet adopted from the version downloaded from Nicky's site in your game and you want to breed it with one adopted from my proper one, rename the breedfile from her site to this:


(You can rename it by right-clicking on it in My Computer or Windows Explorer and choosing "Rename". No need to open it in a hex editor or anything -- just rename the file.)
Then you can run my Monkey.cat in the game as well as Monkey.catNicky. The pets will both come out with no problems, and will breed.

This also will work with other breedz, such as Laura's Muttlies.dog breed in which she accidentally changed the ID number between versions. Just rename one of them to Muttlies.dogOld, and pets from both versions will come out together in your game.

At least, they do on my Windows 95 system; if they don't on any different operating system you have, then I cannot help you.

NOTE: Any offspring produced by petz from two files of this type are considered by the game to be mixed-breed petz. You would need to have both breedfiles in the game in order to play with them. My fixes are only intended to help people to play with things in their own games; if you are going to share the resulting litters with others, you should know that you need to provide the breedfile also, as with petz adopted or bred from any custom breedfile.


Carolyn Horn