How the game decides where things go on shelves

Quite a few people write to ask me how they can re-arrange things on the shelves, both in Babyz and in Petz games. The thing to understand, as I discuss in my "Un-hiding and giving shelf graphics to difficult toyz" howto is that the ID number comtrols where in the game an item goes. In Babyz, it controls which room -- attic, kitchen etc -- as well as relative position on the shelves. For the purpose of this howto, I played the game with three clothing items hanging in the wardrobe:

three coveralls

And when I looked inside the three coveralls, here were the ID numbers:

three coverall ID numbers
As you can see, the Denim one come between the other two because its positional ID number -- A13A -- is one less than A23A and one more than A03A. The other part of the ID, 0000030010, indicates that it's in the hanging part of the wardrobe in the clothes closet scene.

If I then add the Bat Jumper, whose number is 823E, a much larger number than A23A, it will be to the left of the Duck coveralls:

four clothing items

Now, when you want to move things around so that they appear in different places, that's okay of course, although it's a lot of work if you want to insert one item into the middle of the rest -- you'll have to shuffle everything along by one. And if you want to share your creation with others, the ID number will then clash with the relevant item in their games because they haven't shuffled things around. What you can do, and share, is to choose an ID number which is bigger or smaller than the ones already in the game. Remember that you have a limited number of numbers that will work. For Babyz clothes the lower limit seems to be 983A and the upper limit FF7F. Considering the number of clothes that people hex, this really isn't very much! I suppose there may be some valid numbers outside of that set, I've not found any yet but I don't make many clothes and dedicated clothes-hexers may want to experiment.

As regards toyz, Babyz behaves a little differently. It will accept ID numbers from 0000 through to FFFF and allow the toy in the game, but outside of a reasonable set of numbers you'll find that it's unpredictable as to where exactly on the shelves the game will put them. Here you can see four items in the Attic closet:

four attic toyz

and here's their ID numbers.
four attic toyz numbers
As you can see, the Watering can has the biggest ID number and is to the left of the two pillows, and the flowers toy would be to the right of them but, owing to the size of shelf, has to be on the shelf below. The flowers toy, incidentally, has two ID numbers -- 1827 and 1927 because one of them belongs to the butterflies. Because of the way the toy works, the butterflies are only visible outside the windows of course.

Hope that helps

Carolyn Horn