The colour of the food-blob on the spoon

Here's how to change that annoying food-blob on the spoon when you've made your brilliant new dish or jar of food... This is something I found out wa-ay back when I was helping Sphinx with toy-making etc, but I forgot about it when making my toy-making howtos; wups, sorry about that.

All you need to change is one byte, and I'm afraid you probably need to change it in a hex editor as I don't think you can change it in Resource Hacker etc. For the food bowls, look at the byte at address 1261 (hexadecimal). The hex number that you see there will be the colour of the blob, in hexadecimal. Here's what you need to look for, shown in the Oatmeal and Veggie bowls:

Food bowl spoon blob colour

And for the food jars, look at the byte at address 126D (hexadecimal) which shows the colour in hexadecimal. Here you see it for the Peas and Carrots jars:

Food jar spoon blob colour

For anyone who needs to see the colour chart in hexadecimal numbers, here it is:
Babyz colours in hex numbers

Hope that helps

Carolyn Horn