Babyz Fooler

Babyz Demo Fooler.

A partial solution for people who cannot buy the game anywhere; this fools the demo into giving you better play. The Demo is obtainable from, on the Babyz Player page.
For people who cannot get the demo to install, here's a zipfile of the files that you need from it. Where the fooler text tells you to find the files on your hard drive and move them to the directory where you want your Babyz game to be, just unzip this into that directory.
Please, please read the fooler's Readme properly, also the notes that are on this download page which you are currently reading :-)
You also need This zipfile of toyz
NOTE that the fooler tells you to install my easy-edit playscenes. Those can be a bit complicated; an easier alternative would be to get the XP-fixed ones from the "Sound fixed files" page. Also some babyz fan sites such as Dani's DRN have originals available for download. As an added bonus, you'll find a bunch of sounds .dll files on my soundfixes page also -- if you unpack them into your game's Resource directory you can hear more of the game's sounds.
If you have trouble with the game crashing when you've carefully installed everything, please look at this picture,

it shows you where everything goes including the frog chest. Please take particular notice of where the frog.chest goes. Please. You need to put files in two places for the chest. The frog chest is downloadable here , the High Chair here , the bunny here , and the Record and player here -- it says it's the Teletubbies TV, but it is in fact the record and player looking different. An added bonus of that "TV" is that the babyz will get up and dance to the record. To make it work, put the discoteletubbies.mid file into a directory that you must make, off the Resource directory, and call Songz. You may find alternatives at other sites, but these will get you started.
And, if you're running Windows XP, I strongly advise you to get Nicholas' Petza/Babyza. You can get the link to his site via my "Nicholas' Tools" page.

ViaVoice fix
Sound fixed files for Windows XP
Now that Nicholas has made Petza fix the sound problem while the game is running, you don't really need this soundfix. But I'm leaving it up for anyone who cannot get petza to work for them or wants alternative files for the "fooler". I have the link to Nicholas' site on my "Nicholas' Tools" page.
Modified Exe for Playpen access
This is my ongoing testbed .exe file. My hope is that I will eventually be able to get the game to accept more playscenes, by avoiding the need to use the house icon. As yet in my game I have not been able to get it to work for the Attic and Nursery, so have not got as far as further scenes. I'm producing it for you in case you can do better with it. It does have one feature that you might enjoy; the Playpen and Desktop "scenes" are both usable. It overwrites your original, so please please make sure you put yours somewhere safe before trying mine.
How to fix problems with Babyz freezing or crashing
A fix for when that annoying CD message pops up

...and you don't want to either have to keep putting the CD in the drive or re-setting the game back to its defaults.

Brain-sliders for your Babyz' health and happiness
Note that if you get and install Nicholas' Petza you will not need the brain-sliders or CD fix. I've kept them here for the few people who cannot get petza to work.
Backup copy of un-edited BabyzRez.dll