Thanks to SuperSwampert67,
whose site sadly no longer exists, for this first-ever Petz 4 fooler and Easy-editkits. Also for this
Modified exe. This one may not work with Nicholas' Petza, but my own modified exe, available on my Mad Scientist page, does.

The Petz 4 fooler
The fooler.
Please follow the included instructions carefully.
Easy-edit Playscene kits for Petz 4!

The Playscene Editor.
The Clothes Closet.
The Adoption Center.
The Toy Closet.
The Family Room.

An Alternative Fooler
This one uses proper official downloads. Note that it involves a large download of about 120 megabytes.

Download the full demo from one of the demo providers, such as Trygames (do a Google search if that particular link no longer exists). If you get a message saying something about "Our Systems indicate you are outside the territory" etc etc, then you can either try downloading through a proxy (don't ask me about that, it's way too complicated) or you can
click here to download
Install the demo, but don't run it yet unless you really want to -- the demo has a 30-minute limit. Now go to Ubisoft's site and download the petz4.2Patch.exe and install that. Play the game and enjoy. Obviously, buy it from one of the online stores if you like it.